Theses which are nominated as having the most significant impact of their results in the international research community.

  • Elena-Diana GROSU-ȘANDRU, Prof. dr. ing. Corneliu BURILEANU

    Data-driven fabrication process variation assessment in circuit design analysis using machine learning

    Filip-Alexandru ROȘU, Prof. dr. ing. Mihai DATCU

    A study on multistatic sar configurations

    Alexandra-Maria TĂUȚAN, Prof. dr. ing. Bogdan IONESCU

    Automatic analysis of physiological signals for the diagnosis and monitoring of neurological disorders

    Mihai-Sorin BADEA, Prof. dr. ing. Constantin VERTAN

    The development of intelligent systems for visual human-machine interfaces

    Ana-Maria Claudia ȘELEPIUC (DRĂGULINESCU), Prof. dr. ing. Simona-Viorica HALUNGA

    Sensors-based automatic systems optimisation

    Alexandru-George RUSU, Prof. dr. ing. Silviu CIOCHINĂ

    Adaptive algorithms with applications in audio and Voice communications