The Doctoral School of Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology permanently finances the performance. PhD students can benefit from additional funding sources within the school, through:

  • Doctoral scholarships financed by the Ministry of National Education in the amount of 1,550 lei for doctoral students enrolled in the first and second years of studies and respectively, 1,800 lei for doctoral students enrolled in the third year of studies (see Order 3329/2018 [link]). Scholarships are awarded upon admission to the doctoral study program, based on performance criteria.
  • Doctoral scholarships financed via dedicated programs funded under Structural Funds Programmes. Their availability depends on the ongoing existence of such projects within UNSTPB, managed by the UNSTPB European Funds Division [link]. The ongoing projects along with the conditions for participation are announced in advance on the website of the doctoral school. To this date, the doctoral school has benefited from such scholarships, from projects like:
    • POCU MySMIS 125125 Developing the entrepreneurial skills of doctoral and postdoctoral students - the key to career success (A–SUCCES), 2019 – 2021.
    • POSDRU ID 155420 Promoting science and quality in research through doctoral scholarships (PROSCIENCE), 2015 – 2016.
  • Doctoral scholarships offered by companies collaborating with the doctoral school. Their availability is managed by the PhD supervisors and depends on the topic of the doctoral thesis.
  • Doctoral scholarships offered by international cotutelle partners for research internships. Their availability depends on the realization of a co-supervised thesis and is managed by the PhD supervisor.
  • Doctoral mobility scholarships abroad. It is focused on financing international mobility at prestigious universities abroad. More information is presented here [link].
  • Financing doctoral research from national and international research/development projects, with the academic or industrial environments, by participating in the project research team. Their management is performed by the Project Director or Project Manager as well as by the PhD supervisor. The projects carried out within the doctoral school are presented here [link].

Publications funding

PubArt UNSTPB: through the PubArt publication support programme, UNSTPB finances the publication of WOS indexed articles. More information on accessing the funding are to be found here [link].

PRECISI UEFISCDI: through the PRECISI programme for awarding research results (articles), UEFISCDI financially rewards Q1 and Q2 articles published in WOS indexed journals. More information can be found here [link].

Career development

UPB and the doctoral school have an active, continuous policy, to prevent school dropout, support career development and inclusion in the labor market and encourage entrepreneurship, by offering material support, scholarships, career guidance and psycho-pedagogical counseling through the following:

  • Career Counseling and Guidance Center (CCOC) [link].
  • Specific projects, like:
    • POCU MySMIS 133115, Synergy of the university environment with the economic one to respond to the current and future needs of the labor market in the fields of electricity, energy and materials science (PRACTICE) [link], 2020 – 2022.
    • POCU MySMIS 133168, Maximizing professional success through innovative methods of developing practical skills in engineering (MAXIMUS) [link], 2020 – 2022.
    • POCU MySMIS 131213, Professional and practical training to meet the requirements of the information technology industry (PP-TIC) [link], 2020 – 2022.
    • POCU MySMIS 125202, Innovative teachers-entrepreneurial students! (PISA) [link], 2019 – 2021.
    • POCU MySMIS 124635, Competent entrepreneurship among young people - innovative education for the future (ACTIV) [link], 2019 – 2021.
    • POCU MySMIS 124651, Attracting candidates (future students) to engineering tertiary education and preparing them for the requirements of the current labor market [link], 2019 – 2021.
    • POCU MySMIS 123847, Academic excellence and entrepreneurial values - scholarship system to ensure opportunities for training and development of entrepreneurial skills of doctoral and postdoctoral students (ANTREPRENORDOC) [link], 2019 – 2022.

Social support

In addition to the above-mentioned funding, UNSTPB and the doctoral school are constantly supporting students from disadvantaged backgrounds, by providing different forms of social support: free accommodation for children from orphanages or orphans of both parents, social assistance, discounts on accommodation fees, scholarships and awards designed to encourage excellence; also they support students in mobility programs of the European Union, award prizes to top students, scholarships to students working on the Regie and Leu campuses, as well as other special scholarships. Further information can be found here [link].