2023 Admissions Calendar

April - September session

April 3 – September 27 Counseling and registration of candidates.
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April 26
May 29
June 28
July 19
August 29
September 25
Application validation by the secretariat.
Evaluation of applications by doctoral supervisors.
April 28
May 31
June 30
July 21
August 31
September 27
Online interview of candidates concluded with Admission or Rejection.
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Matriculation of accepted candidates who have all the required diplomas (long-term or master’s degree).
September 27–29 Offline evaluation of applications by the Admission Committee and allocation of ministry scholarships in descending order of the admission grades.
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September 29–30 Matriculation of the remaining accepted candidates.
October 2 Start of the doctoral program.


The Doctoral School of Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology (SD-ETTI) coordinates scientific doctoral study programs in the fundamental field of Engineering Sciences and the specialized field of Electronic Engineering, Telecommunications and Information Technology. Doctoral studies last 3 years. More information is available here [link].

The SD-ETTI doctoral supervisors are outstanding personalities of the academic community with astounding research results validated at the international level. More information regarding the supervisors as well as the research topics is available here [link]. For even more information, see the following pages:

  • Defended PhD theses [link],
  • Research publications [link],
  • Research and development projects [link].

You can stay connected with the SD-ETTI community via the following social media channels : [Facebook], [Twitter], [LinkedIn] and [Instagram].

SD-ETTI and IOSUD-UPB permanently support and fund research performance. They are always anchored in the support of students, including those from disadvantaged social backgrounds, by implementing a strategy to prevent school dropout, constant career development, labor market inclusion, entrepreneurship, international mobility, by providing material support, scholarships, career guidance and psycho-pedagogical counseling. For more information, see [link].

Legislation and admission regulations

SD-ETTI organizes the occupation of the available places based on public competition, according to the following regulations:

  • The Methodology regarding the organization and development of the doctoral admission exam as per the Organizing Institution of Doctoral University Studies IOSUD - UNSTPB [link].
  • The operating regulations of the Doctoral School of Electronics, Telecommunications, and Information Technology [link].

The admissions to the doctoral study program are made within the limits of the places allocated annually by:

  • Ministry of Education for doctoral study programs under the financing regime from the state budget in the form of doctoral grants.
  • UNSTPB, as the Organizing Institution of Doctoral University Studies, for the self-funded doctoral study programs, in which case the tuition is supported by the doctoral student. The tuition amounts are published here [link].

The doctoral contract concluded between the PhD student and UNSTPB has the following format [Romanian students [link] or foreign students [link]].

Eligibility of candidates

Only graduates with a long-term university degree (without the need to have completed a master’s degree cycle) as well as graduates with a short-term university degree completed with a master’s degree are eligible to participate in the admission exam, in accordance with the current Romanian legislation.

Registration for the admission competition can be done regardless of the field in which the candidate obtained the diploma of completion of short/long-term university education or the master’s degree.

Foreign students should check their eligibility prior to the registration with the Ministry of Education [link].

Admission step-by-step

Step 1: Counseling

Candidates should contact SD-ETTI (see [link]) in order to obtain counseling and guidance for the admission process and in order to be able to find a doctoral supervisor, in accordance with the research topics desired.

Step 2: Registration

The applications can be registered online, continuously, from April 3th to September 27th. Romanian applicants must provide the following information and documents to be able to enter the admission exam (foreign candidates are kindly requested to contact the secretariat):

  • Candidates who complete a master’s degree program at UNSTPB during or before 2023 submit the following documents in electronic format in the platform [link]:
    • Application form (Annex 2) [download].
    • Curriculum vitae in Europass format [link].
    • Publications list.
    • Registration tax proof of payment (can also be paid online).
    • Copy of the ID card (must be valid).
    • Declaration testifying that the candidate has not previously benefited from a subsidized doctoral studies program (Annex 4) [download].
    • The PhD Proposal in Romanian or English (Annex 5) [download].
    • A letter of recommendation from an expert in the field.
  • Candidates from outside the UNSTPB (including those who graduate in 2023 with a master’s degree program) submit the following documents in electronic format in the platform [link]:
    • Application form (Annex 2) [download].
    • Curriculum vitae in Europass format [link].
    • Publications list.
    • Copies in accordance to the original (upon signing the doctoral study contract will bring the original documents) for the following documents:
      • Graduation diplomas (bachelor’s, master’s, long-term).
      • Diploma supplements (bachelor’s, master’s).
      • Highschool diploma (baccalaureate).
      • Birth certificate.
      • Marriage certificate or other name change documents (where applicable).
    • Registration tax proof of payment (can also be paid online).
    • Copy of ID card (must be valid).
    • Declaration testifying that the candidate has not previously benefited from a subsidized doctoral studies program (Annex 4) [download].
    • The PhD Proposal in Romanian or English (Annex 5) [download].
    • A letter of recommendation from an expert in the field.

The value of the registration fee for the doctoral admission exam is 200 RON. For candidates registered during April-July 2023, the registration fee is 150 RON, except for candidates who have graduated a UNSTPB Master’s program, as in this case, the registration fee is 100 RON.

[Access the candidate registration platform ]

Step 3: Application and candidate evaluation

SD-ETTI permanently ensures the transparency of the selection and admission procedures, of the evaluation criteria and of the standards imposed on the candidates. Equal opportunities as well as non-discrimination of any kind is naturally ensured.

The devised doctoral supervisor individually evaluates the candidate’s application, validating or invalidating it. In the case of acceptance, the admission competition follows, which consists of an interview conducted online on the Microsoft Teams platform (we recommend the creation of an account timely, see [link]).

During the interview, the candidate is expected to briefly present their academic and professional career and the most relevant research results. Moreover, the candidate will expose the topics and concerns of scientific research to be covered in the doctoral thesis, focusing on contributions and new solutions that will be investigated.

Following the evaluation, the candidate is Admitted or Rejected. If he is admitted, he is granted a place in the SD-ETTI doctoral program. The matriculation is done online within 48 hours from the date of posting the official results, being conditioned by the presentation of the proof regarding the graduation of a master’s program (master’s degree). If the master’s program is in progress, registration will be made at the time of their provision, upon completion of the master’s program (valid only for 2022).

Step 4: Scholarship allocation

Between September 27 and 29, the Admission Committee evaluates (offline) the applications of the candidates previously declared Admitted, to grant the ministry scholarships. Candidates will be assessed in relation to the level of training and information in the field, the ability to highlight major research guidelines, the ability to formulate solutions (theoretical and experimental) for the research topic, and to the ability to follow a doctoral program. The quantitative evaluation criteria are presented in the Admission Methodology [link], article 5 (Annex 3) [download].

Step 5: Matriculation

The results of the admissions are validated and displayed on the SD-ETTI admission webpage (see calendar).

  • All admitted candidates will be registered online within 48 hours of the results being posted (subject to the presentation of proof of graduation from a master’s degree). The matriculation consists in uploading in the admission platform of the proof of payment of the registration fee in the amount of 50 RON. It is paid online, all the necessary information being available on the platform.
  • All the admitted candidates will have to fill in and sign the contract of doctoral studies by hand until the beginning of the academic year 2023-2024. The contract is formalized by the handwritten signatures of the Doctoral Supervisor and the Director of SD-ETTI.